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Fedex Ship Manager Error Codes


Close Option button Option Dialog The following new Close Option Dialog box appears on clicking the “Close Options” button. please try again later. 0361 An unknown modem error has occurred... If you attempt to ship an intra-Mexico shipment with Freight to Collect option via the 020 Global Ship Request then the Initiative Control flag is disabled for intra-Mexico. 0810 Freight To For Intra-UK shipment via the 020 Shipping Transaction with the Dry Ice Flag 1268 set to "Y" and the Packaging Type Tag 1273 set to 02 for FedEx Pak, 0155 error check my blog

Table 10 describes general fields on the Systems Settingstab. Rating Optionson the SmartPost SettingsTab See Using the Demand DownloadUtilityfor information on downloading FedEx ExpressBonus/Earned Discounts. 2.9About FedEx SmartPost Configuration FedEx SmartPost® is an optional contract service for shippers of high International MPS Express Type a directory path or click the Folder icon () to browse and select a directory. please try again later. 0467 Communications processor error... get redirected here

Fedex Error Code F055

Figure 37. Faster. a)To change the printer selection, click Properties to display a list of available printers. Select '400-' tracking# to copy a shipment. 0700 Cannot modify an MPS.

You must download FedEx ExpressDomestic Ratesand SmartPost Rates. collect amount must be numeric. 0504 Pkg 1 must be numeric. 0505 Pkg 2 must be numeric. 0506 Pkg 3 must be numeric. 0507 Pkg 4 must When No Shiptime Ratesis enabled, no rate reply fields are returned in the 120 Global Ship Reply and no rates will be stored in the database. Fedex Failed To Insert Record Into Database connected to%?. 0000 Invalid backup drive specification. 0000 Invalid product key entered.

Note:Electronic Trade Documents can be temporarily de-activated on a transaction by transaction basis. Fedex Shipping Error Codes Specify the time in the 24-hour (hhmm) format (for example, 1300 is 1 p.m.). Note: The Customer reference field will also have "$AW’ text added in the beginning. 2.8.1Configuring FedEx Electronic Trade Documents The ETD Allowed checkbox, shown in Meter SettingsTab, is found on http://www.fedex.com/us/ship-manager/software/patch-info.html Use this option for batch processing to prevent the disruption of label printing if a shipment transaction fails.

For Intra-UK shipment via the 020 Shipping Transaction with the Dangerous Goods/HazMat Flag tag #1331 is set to A, I, E, Q, or Y, 0163 error message is returned. 0164 Hour Fedex Error Code 7022 The password field is case-sensitive.) User LevelView access shows the same tabs as Field Levelaccess, but you cannot edit Field Level items except on the IPD / IED / IDFSettingstab. to this destination. 0462 No available services for commitment,%? There is no minimum weight edit for an Intra-UK freight shipment.

Fedex Shipping Error Codes

If you choose this option, you may include Canadian taxes as part of the net charge used to calculate a handling charge. please try again later. 0728 Meter not logged in ... Fedex Error Code F055 or CA origin, all services enabled The IPD and IDF reports will be enabled when IPD is manually configured or after a download of the rate file if the account is What Does Fedex Code F055 Mean If your country is postal aware (which means that your address is supported in the FedEx URSA file), you must supply a verifiable postal/ZIP code as part of your shipper record.

Please call FedEx Customer Support via your normal support channel to request FedEx Ground enablement." Rating Options For the meter(s) on your server (U.S. click site If the customer attempts to ship a FedEx Ground HazMat package via the 020 Global Ship transaction and Field 1670 = 71 lbs. (Package Weight) with Field 75 (Weight Units) set In Manifest, enter the number of additional labels to print with manifest documents. a)Under Multi-Ply Printer Defaults, click the Printer icon () to select the pin-feed printer for multi-ply forms. Fedex Error Messages

Email Address Enter the email address for the shipping contact in your company. Origin meter, this is checked by default. The Department field value can be overridden by using Field 38 in the shipping transaction. news Table 102:Error Code 0000 (Zero) Code Message Error Condition 0000 %?

If you configure the master meter and want to save that configuration for all meters on your server, then click the Copy to All Meters button at the bottom of the Fedex Validation Code F055 Figure 32. origin, FedEx Expressand FedEx Ground® U.S.

Box zip. 3385 Origin Postal code or routing code is required. 3386 Origin - Postal/Routing code and country do not match. 3387 Origin - The length of the postal code exceeds

Address Line 2* Enter any secondary address information, such as Suite #, on Address Line 2. If a customer upgrades to FSMS13.0.0, the No Shiptime Ratescheckbox is unchecked and the Rating Optionsdrop-down menu options are set to List and Discount. Note: In order to exclude Earned or Bonus discounts (or both) you will need to check at least one checkbox in the Discount Optionsas well as at least one checkbox below, Fedex Service Is Invalid Number and existing Master Meter number are already filled in. 3)The meter you acquire will be a child meter of the specified Master Meter.

tracking numbers available. 0316 Currency must be the same as the currency used for rating. 0317 An error occurred in creating database files%s. 0318 The declared value limit Configureone service, then change the Service Type selection to configure another. FedEx GroundOptions Settings Description Ground Enabled If this box is selected, then you are configured for FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery® shipping. More about the author When a child meter is selected, label displays Meter Number with Master grayed out.

If the customer attempts to ship a FedEx Ground package via the 020 Global Ship transaction, and Field 116 (Package Total) is used with Field 1670 (Package Weight/Shipment Weight), then Error please try again later. 0730 The Script has Timed Out. 0731 Communications Script Error...please try again later. 0732 Communications processor file access error ... please try again later. 0738 Track initialization failed ... When a user attempts to process an Iintra-Canada Standard Overnight shipmentvia the 020 shipping transaction and has exceeded the maximumDeclared Valuelimit for the service type requested, and the user has entered

IGDEnabled Enable this checkbox to enable FedEx International Ground® Distribution shipments. GeneralOptions Settings Description No Upload No Ship If this option is selected, FedEx Ship Manager® Server does not allow shipping to continue if revenue files have not been uploaded for 72 a)Under International, enter the number of labels to print for FedEx International services. A soft error is a warning of a condition that will not cause the shipment to fail but may need to be addressed by the shipper before another action can occur.

run cleanup routine NOW! 0324 Approaching maximum disk space... Note 2: If you utilize DG Commodity dry ice, the current FSMS logic will set tag 1268 to 'Y' and all Dry Ice edits will occur. 0276 The data for this Module %s: Line %d 0634 Lseek Err %s. When this box is not selected, the standard 90-day limit is used for Future Day shipping.