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Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map Version 6.4.0 (Released June 2012) New features AutoCAD 2013 compatibility 3DConnexion 3d-mouse support 3D Stereo display support (option in configuration) Viewpoint markers Major bug fixes: Slow For video export the rendering speed can be controlled with optimization parameters. This might not always work if the display adapter gives incorrect information about the maximum size. List information in drawing using command XDLIST, and select center bottom reference point for manhole. 3D-SOLID: Added new possibility to draw only outside surface of manhole and pipes. check my blog

Clash Calculation Calculate Sun Position dialog (enabling shadows is possible, but not calculating sun angles) Export Viewer Package Export VRML Material Editor Edit Object Material 2.18 Problems with shader. If you detect such cases - do not edit that particular viewpoint (using old viewer), because it will loose all information in it. (Edit, update location, update group state, add column, Using the accurate lattitude and longtitude coordinates for location and verifying the results in reality should give correct results. 2.23 Using older viewer packages when VM6 or newer is installed Older The quicker the developer can isolate the issue to a specific problem, the more likely it'll be fixed in timely fashion. More Help

The mmm part is the three first letters of the month written in English. To do this, simply type SPLFRAME at the command line and press enter. Change the Mtext Editor to the older style.

If you try to use update any existing viewpoint (In ansi code page) with new virtual map viewer - viewpoint file (.pth) will be automatically saved in unicode format (utf-8). The error is fixed. Distance plan drawings: The error that caused a crash when storing the distance intervals set up is corrected. The phenomenom seems stripy.

What causes Fatal Error Novapoint error? Plan drawing: The plan drawing with the 3D-drawing option turned on sometimes failed. Railroad projects: Tunnel profile coordinates are now calculated with the correct offset from the top rail to the horizontal geometry ref.line. In OpenGL, you cannot achieve true transparency without a big performance impact.

Novapoint Virtual Map is not supported on Mac platform. Virtual Map Viewer might work on Mac platform using some Windows emulator that has support for OpenGL 3d-graphics. After 2 GB limit is reached 32-bit Viewer might hang or crash. WMV codekissa buffer sizen kasvattaminen 500000 ja performancen asettaminen Faster moodiin lisää enkoodamisen nopeutta, ja tietenkin pitää käyttää CBR moodia).

Save your model in Virtual Map as Static vrml 97/plain mesh geometry (No object hierarchy). http://wikinova.info/doku.php/en:np:virtual_map:faq sewer lids are suppose to go, but they are standing up on an angle. It seems to crash randomly.” GOOD: “Virtual Map crashed while working with foffa.dwg. Limitation in layer name length Earlier AutoCAD versions had a limitation of 31 characters in layer names and other AutoCAD related names.

FLEXlm 11.12 is used. http://radionasim.com/fatal-error/fatal-error-605.php Solution: adjust materials in Viewer in real time and sizes of single elements in model builder. 2.12 Viewport angle config: I set the viewport angle in the config, but is seems This is due to limitations in AutoCAD XRef Bind function. 3.17 What file formats can be imported into Virtual Map? Alignment Design: Fixed bug which made it impossible to empty max distance cell in reference points grid.

This will read all 3d-faces from your AutoCAD drawing as a surface model. 3.02 Trees / texture elements appear either dark or bright depending on the viewpoint. Continue until you find the problematic layers. Multi-datum Long sections Also note that the multi-datum feature introduced for Road long sections is also available for Rail long sections. news If you want a solid color, leave texture field in the material empty and define the color with diffuse and ambient values. 3.06 I have question to do with the placement

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Updates in Novapoint Road Sign Belgian version Feature: Symbol size - New command for re-scale all signs according to the current symbol scale (#1471) Danish version Bugfix: G15:Rundkørsel - Directly fatal This is also included now in the survey data export.

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If you do not need the Autocad Render materials for the Virtual Map model, remove them from Autocad drawing them while generating model. 3.11 17.20FP2f unable to load VM6. This corrupted system file will lead to the missing and wrongly linked information and files needed for the proper working of the application. This website should be used for informational purposes only. We have found problems in Matrox display drivers.

Just take the take the URL of the page (http://www.vianova.fi/vm/File/vmweb/Finnoo/index.html), remove “index.html” and append the model file name. You can then open it with the Virtual Map viewer. The textual content of this image is harassing me or someone I know The visual content of this image is harassing me or someone I know Both the textual and visual More about the author DivX, WMV AVI tai MPEG2.

I selected 'change triangles to circles' from 'tools' menu. This will include cant situations and double track as well. comment on this 22 What If I Told You comment on this 21 Douchebag Roommate comment on this 21 Stoner Stanley comment on this 21 Success Kid comment on this 21 How to easily fix Fatal Error Novapoint error?

If the flashing irritates you, you should try to switch to 32-bit z-buffer. Vsync on tekniikka jolla pyritään parantamaan näytönohjaimen ja monitorin ruudunpäivityksen synkronointia. Please contact your nearest dealer. 1.03 I cannot import my vrml_file to 3DS_MAX. If the bug concerns viewer always report graphics card model and vendor and display driver version (control panel→display→settings→advanced→adapter→ properties→driver or similar depending on your operating system).

Delete this stuff and your model should be OK in VM after that. 1.12 I suspect that there is a bug in Virtual Map, that should I do? I need the wheel to be on the right side of the dashboard, and Í hope the speedometer can also be placed accordingly. You can create 32bit alpha channel images for example with PhotoShop (just add fourth color channel where black is transparent and white non-transparent and then save it in file format that Another option is to open the old package with new viewer and export that package with new viewer to a new package.

Opening a package with newer viewer is easy, just double click the model file and newer installed viewer will load model with package settings. All rights reserved Except where otherwise noted, work provided on Autodesk Knowledge Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Typically the shininess should be 0 for matt surfaces and 1 for very shiny surfaces. Complete list of supported texture formats can be found from the help). 1.11 My model is visible in AutoCAD, but can't see a thing in Virtual Map.

For some display cards you might need to enable those display capabilities from display driver control panel - for example to enable 3d stereo for NVidia display, you need to right This will be fixed into FP2g update. Providing enough information in the first place saves our and your time! 1.13 License Borrowing in Novapoint Virtual Map The following is a description on how to borrow a license for Most probably you need to check following configuration parameters: Rendering / enable_stereo Rendering / anisotrophic filtering Rendering / fullscreen antialiasing Updating viewer to newer version might also fix problem. 2.25 How

The cross-section drawing dialog and the geology- and rock support drawing dialog: The help texts for dynamic values in the title field are improved. This is now corrected.