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Open issues - A network loop may be created (and unbroken) if the DMC-STRO content LAN port is connected to the same network as the DM switch CPU’s LAN port, with This has only been observed to affect the CAPTURE-HD model. I clearly think this is preferable since it's what I used in the code.... 753529d formatting 638c3c6 wait for thread to start. 45bd157 removed unused macros (early work in progress) 69bc197 Forgot your username? my review here

Corrected issue that could sometimes cause the panel to freeze when entering/exiting setup, loading firmware, rebooting, etc. And removed the features flags since this could disable DFU. 4ff04ac move appending the separator to TARGET_PATH until after build.mk has been evaluated, since it may update TARGET_PATH. Message ID <[email protected]> Download mbox | patch Permalink /patch/5177381/ State Not Applicable, archived Headers show Return-Path: X-Original-To: [email protected] Delivered-To: [email protected] Received: from mail.kernel.org (mail.kernel.org []) by patchwork1.web.kernel.org (Postfix) with ESMTP Log In String Assignment compiler error (String Class) Firmware BulldogLowell 2015-01-19 01:45:08 UTC #1 So I am trying to take a String and center it on a 4X20 character LCD display. https://community.particle.io/t/string-assignment-compiler-error-string-class/9452

Added support for RAVA group calling. show original mdma 2015-05-22 20:12:46 UTC #10 Just a note to say that the cause of this has been identified. Moved required wiring globals from wiring to wiring_globals library. `-O0` now builds. Added additional slot to report video signal information.

FIRM-214 b02c2ee Merge pull request #626 from spark/feature/mcp23017 27c695d Merge pull request #633 from spark/feature/dct-control 0bb0745 rebase on develop c808d4c `System.set()` API to specify configuration values. Via Úpdate controller via COM port' entering the desired data in the new window. Fixes several issues that occur in large meeting and the default display views. added reserved parameter for future expansion on the I2C dynalib functions 81e124d WiP - application thread from main, as active object.

Indirect text would not append properly. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Fixed a bug in the CIP code where if link down and link up events occurred in a close succession, the CIP nodes in the IP table would be marked as https://www.roboteq.com/index.php/forum/14-general-issues/29528806-sdc2130-firmware-update-error c20fce5 run setup/loop regardless of system state when system threading enabled.

FIRM-271 167d9f7 fix issue #671 and #662 af664ef DTLS implementation compiling. 1a2cabe Merge commit 'ebd0ff435424eb430a26380a5f68337164a2ab67' into feature/comms-lib-refactor ebd0ff4 Squashed 'communication/lib/mbedtls/' changes from f7a4688..106b313 867ca2b Merge commit 'd5469078bf3a3a90b9dc6a0651a62ddf901287fe' into feature/comms-lib-refactor d546907 Squashed Other callback types would allow variables to be computed on demand, much like a function call. What causes Firmware Error String error? If you have Firmware Error String errors then we strongly recommend that you Download (Firmware Error String) Repair Tool.

Accurate on the Core. https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/44316/auth-fail-error-message-when-upgrading-ip-phone-firmware Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Upload URL is now set at the start of the recording, allowing different directories to be specified for uploads. Can hook SysTick, PendSV and SVC interrupts. 5ca2d98 start of freertos 761c6bd ensure system info struct is initialized to 0 so that the HAL_System_Info function doesn't have to fill out all

Removed an error message about update request for XML connections not in an UpdateRequest message. this page Change to more robust file system format. (Note: You will see a one-time maintenance process occur after this firmware is loaded for the first time. printlnf ftw! 7252cb8 Turn on debug output by default and turn off ansi colors adde3a9 no need for P1 flash in dynalib - it is linked directly into the user app e0c6824 merged feature/electron into develop 033b664 common main() entrypoint for bootloader and system firmware 4ebd579 holy fatfinger batman 888fbab Fix tone_hal build issue for photon 358fc50 Merge pull request #584 from

Corrected issue where a TSX panel that could not reach an offline SIP server would eventually stop trying to reconnect, instead of trying indefinitely. dee1f9d fixes issue (private repo) 99 - Core restarts when wifi drops. PRO3,version 1.500.0105 AV3, version 1.501.0105 CP3, v1.501.0105 CP3N, version 1.501.0105 (Released the Week of April 27, 2014) DigitalMedia, version 2.55.00 Select for Firmware and Release Notes. http://radionasim.com/firmware-error/firmware-error-900-94.php Application can set device keys and ssid prefix. 3f6bdc2 conditional compile for 4.8.4/4.9.3 arm gcc c9b5090 remove async notifications on disconnect - just until we can verify this isn't causing a

h.264 reliability improvements. Corrected issue where the panel sometimes goes out of sync with control system after reloading program, rebooting control system, or updating control system firmware. Debug logging.

e4ded72 `System.enterSafeMode()` API to allow application or system code to trigger entering safe mode.

My original arduino code was all strings, but I thought I would take my new Spark Core as an opportunity to learn Strings. This corrupted system file will lead to the missing and wrongly linked information and files needed for the proper working of the application. This Firmware Error String error code has a numeric error number and a technical description. removed debug info to Serial in Printable to string test. 272c8c9 remove formatting API on the Core since `strftime` takes 8+KBytes of flash even if the optional formatting isn't used. 338107e

This allows the `delay(1)` test to succeed on the Photon. DGE-1, version Issues Resolved: Introduced CAPTUREETHERNET console command that allows capturing of Ethernet traffic being sent/received by system. Before sleep, network_off() is called, which doesn't set the deliberate disconnect flag. useful reference NICE forum feature!!!

Memory corruption would occur when system repeatedly received serial data packets, each packet indicating that the text should be appended to the previously received message. Fixed Issues Fixed issue where a disconnection from Fusion would result in loss of meeting data. The startup order on the electron is different than the photon - HAL_Core_Config is called directly by the startup script rather than in the system_part2_pre_init() function. Unable to annotate on a video window that was located on a subpage.

addresses issue #682 f47cd29 Merge pull request #686 from spark/feature/virtual-device 3711e52 add INFO log, and increase numeric value space to allow additional log levels in future (plus allow finer granularity) f302783 This is invoked by Particle.process() when called on the application thread, allowing the application to pump it's own messages. c24be33 Remove PeriodicWork for now d40bfb9 HAL_Set_System_Config common for photon and electron. 8f3447a Fix docs typo 82719ff Change thread priorities to sensible defaults f49073b Be a little more generous with the Allow the channel to peek for the next message rather than blocking. 47c06ea CoAP message integer values 810f4cf CoAP Channel to manage message IDs.