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To ensure that no rogue explorer.exe is running on your PC, click here to run a Free Malware Scan. If the file is found anywhere else it is a virus Vernon Chan (MechPaladin) Can be linked to other files at same time, so isnt dangerous by itself, but when linked, It deletes the bar at the bottom of your screen. If you are unsure, jest replace it.

If you end the process, your Desktop and taskbar will disappear (the wallpaper will still be there). Nathan Harmless Microsoft stuff. Trojans can come in many different varieties, but generally they do the following on your PC: Download and install other malware, such as viruses or worms. Which are also mention in the text above, However it is in the system32 directory what do i do? http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/explorer.exe.html

This feature is not available right now. I got unknowing linked to a 1-50 p/min dialer bassed in Vanuatu, & spent hour & half normal surfing. And the start menu also didnt appear. Should you experience an actual problem, try to recall the last thing you did, or the last thing you installed before the problem appeared for the first time.

new process may be any thing like c:\ or explorer.exe only. How to recognize suspicious variants? Since the shell that windows will start is located in a registry string, you could run any program as the shell (notepad, cmd, Quake III Arena, etc.). marietta.

If you remove this file name and put CMD.exe and when u restart your computer next time Winlogon will open only Command Prompt and you will not see Start Menu Nirmal Raw Do this check, find explorer.exe and if there is more than one result, right click it and click compatibilty or something, if you can change the settings delete the file. It really worked. http://www.howtogeek.com/198815/use-this-secret-trick-to-close-and-restart-explorer.exe-in-windows/ Use Hijackthis, Security Task Manager, with some startup managing programs.

This has never mattered whether it's a new install without updates or driver installs or fully updated with drivers and windows updates. This program draws the taskbar and colorful user interface you see while using Windows. As a virus, it can easily disappear and reappear, replacing the real Microsoft OS explorer.exe. please help the bierman Windows process.

just make it start explorer.exe again and your desktop and start menu are back =) I open the task manager on windows XP and I see two explorer.exe. http://www.file.net/process/explorer.exe.html Appreciate it. Use 'Process Explorer'(search in google) and use it to find explorer.exe and find out what its doing, if your not running windows delete it. It keeps coming back but is invisible (show hidden turned on) under the system32 folder that SpyDoc says it is in?

When I terminate one of them, nothing disapears. Although there were no side effects bar that I concur it is essential and not dangerous. If it's NOT in C:\Windows (in XP) or C:\Windows\System32 (in some other windows installs) it is very likely a virus. This process is windows, at least so far as most basic users are concerned.

But I now started getting pop ups :( Sheila This is 100% not dangerous, unless found outside system32. if you stop the process interface will disappear until you restart the process via task manager, its directory is C:/WINDOWS, if you find it in other directory, can be a virus, It keeps coming back but is invisible (show hidden turned on) under the system32 folder that SpyDoc says it is in? This can be solved by opening the task manager through CTRL-ALT-DELETE and starting the process!

P Klose Windows Defender blocked this (Windows/System32/updater/explorer.exe) program so i deleted permanently from pc and my pc works just fine Unruly all it is, is the thing with the start bar, Explorer.exe is located in the C:\Windows folder. so now you can go to microsoft.com and look up fixes for 100%processor usage.


If explorer.exe is located in a subfolder of the user's "Documents" folder, the security rating is 20% dangerous. Note - the valid "explorer.exe" is located in C:\Windows or C:\Winnt whereas this one is located in a C:\Windows\System or C:\Winnt\System subdirectory "Explore" definitely not required. lololol!!1!1one! Sometimes the emails claim to be notifications of a shipment you have made.

But I now started getting pop ups :( Sheila This is 100% not dangerous, unless found outside system32. looking to fix somehow note the create date and modify date are different things Charles it got to with avi file and if they are very big it will happen just Don This file can be edit and can make changes with help of resource hacker. It was as simple as that, and after three seconds everything came back. ^^ hope this helps Helpful +35 Report anne Jan 7, 2009 12:08AM YOU ARE A GENIOUS!

Helpful +5 Report Mym8 Oct 20, 2008 09:54AM Thankyou vey much worked fine for me THANKYOU Ask a question Members get more answers than anonymous users. Type "explorer.exe" in the box and click "OK". One more thing, you can still run it again as process WITHOUT RESTARTING your pc or something (usually your desktop disappears then you restart).. Just a warning.

Sheetal When I do Ctrl+Alt+delte and go to process and delete this, my windows bar at the bottom disapears. If you find you stopped the wrong one, just click, File, New Task, and type explorer.exe. if it run from c:/windows sul2005tan It is Leader(Loader) of all Windows(any version) related files. They have the same CRC check & size, but their content is quite different.

You can take it off their's too and see the fur fly. It deletes the bar at the bottom of your screen. does any1 has a clue why it taking too much of memory and how to reduce it. But trojans and other malware can fake themselves to be named as explorer.exe so you should be checking about the memory usage of it.

Without it, you will, as stated above/below, not be able to see your desktop icons, nor your start bar. Others are not Windows system files.