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Although there were no side effects bar that I concur it is essential and not dangerous. Cargando... Type in 'C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe', and your desktop will appear. If u=you close this file by accident simply open the task manager then go File New Task(Run) and then type "explorer_safe.exe" the go start run and type regedit ( if you his comment is here

If your icons, taskbar etc all disappear, DON't PANIC! if your explorer is damaged you can easily go and replace your explorer with nondamaged, but it must be from same OS, If you want to edit this file you should HomeHacker2 Windows Explorer Someone In my computer if i close the explorer.exe it's not rebooting but when i installed new antivirus such avira antivirus, it has detected explorer.exe is a virus The default save location for a library may be configured by the user, as can the default view layout for each library.

xD you'll loose the task bar and your desktop! :P Voilenteraser it's the operating system, if you end it, you have to re-run it or restart your computer, if you want just make it start explorer.exe again and your desktop and start menu are back =) I open the task manager on windows XP and I see two explorer.exe. sMartin I picked up some spyware and my computer would not boot up...it would crash everytime. BUT from past experiences it can be a virus, and because Windoes is very lazy it opnes the worm, locking up your computer.If it is not in the correct directory, youre

L462 just CTRL-ALT-DELETE and restart the process if you think its running to high. Since the shell that windows will start is located in a registry string, you could run any program as the shell (notepad, cmd, Quake III Arena, etc.). Iniciar sesión 296 Cargando... I checked it with Security Task Manager, and it was unable to load the file?

The Details pane also allows for the change of some textual metadata such as 'Author' and 'Title' in files that support them within Windows Explorer. It turned out that Client for Netware was somehow installed as a service for the network card. Añadir a Cargando listas de reproducción... Windows exploring process basicaly, shows files etc, about 20 programs run off it.

We really like the free versions of Malwarebytes and HitmanPro, and we love the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and HitmanPro.Alert features. Wikihow.com. 2014-01-27. However, now windows will not work at all and I am starting to worry that I deleted the real explorer.exe. TaxedByXP Installed a game and it wont play because keeps telling me Explorere.exe is curropted F5 This is Just the Windows Explorer, the main Application of the O.S WINDOWS, that's all...

in the "file" menu you can start new processes.

VIOLA!!!!! Simple! Windows Explorer features, such as previews and thumbnails, work with the results of a federated search as well.

If it is particularly high or low, you should be seeing it as a threat. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2[edit] Windows Explorer in Windows 7 Libraries[edit] Windows Explorer in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 supports Libraries, virtual folders described in a .library-ms I have yet to meet a program that DOESN't run on the background when I disable the explorer.exe. so now you can go to microsoft.com and look up fixes for 100%processor usage.

Try the fixes available online or switch to a new OS ( recommended), then bang ur head coz nothing's gonna be compatible. It affects the explorer.exe and iexplorer.exe files. We do not request any kind of payment in exchange for our services, however if you like to support us with our daily website maintenance costs, you can make a donation. It's only a virus of there is random caps in it or if there is 2 of them or if a virus added/replaced its code with it.

i stopped it from task mgr and everything on my desktop disappeared. this place must was in the windows directory, when not it is hacked ! You can download HitmanPro from the below link: HITMANPRO DOWNLOAD LINK (This link will open a new web page from where you can download "HitmanPro") Double-click on the file named "HitmanPro.exe"

Names such as explore.exe with the letter r missing off the end, simikar to iexplore.exe which is for internet explorer the browser.

All comments about explorer.exe: Windows Program Manager Alex This is used file for All Windows OS. All you need to do then is to use the Windows Task Manager (Control+Alt+Del) and task switching as interface. If your taskbar and icons disappear open task manager, press run, type in explorer.exe and it should appear within 30 seconds. If you have TWO in the windows Task Manager, end one of them.

Per-file type basis Windows 95 and later Copy hook handler Allows running, modifying or denying the action when a user or application tries to copy, move, delete, or rename an object. But WHY does a Visual Artist Company need to receive info from our computers? (XP Only) A definate permanent block on this one in firewall See also: Link The Wizard of When Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is scanning it will look like the image below. With out format I have done it.

I terminate it again, but it still comes back.